Soo in all the time I have been playing guitar I have yet to encounter a song that I couldn't fret with my tiny hands.. until today.

I was trying to learn Neon by John Mayer, and the 3rd chord is:

e x
b 4
g 3
d 6
a x
E 5

Where the E string needs to be fretted with the thumb..I simply cannot see a way for me to do it besides cheating and changing the fingering.. is that my only option? Either way it has been really frustrating, usually songs are only a tad bit harder to learn with small hands, but not impossible >.<

Is this something I can achieve by stretching my fingers more? As it is, I can barely fret d, g, b, letalone throw the thumb on there. Any advice?
Try this?


Cuz you'd really have to hold your hand retardedly to get your thumb on the 5th if you're already holding down a string on the 3rd fret..
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There's no law against changing the fingering.. it's the same chord.

I do it by:
Thumb, pinky,index,middle.
When I do it that way, the pointer and middle are both touching eachother. The fingers are all angled 45 degrees.
Shift your palm further under the neck- that might help.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Why not just play the A string open and avoid the low E? You can't silence the low E with a another finger unfortunately, so you'd have to be a little more careful and not just slam on the strings, but it will at least let you play the song a lot more comfortably.
You should finger the A on the E string with your thumb, it'll give you a better tone. It'll sound like crap if you play it any other way, especially if you finger it with your ring finger (the weakest finger on your hand).

edit: im joking btw, before people start flaming me or something, finger it how ever you find most comfortable, I would play the A on the e string with my ring, or even play the open A, its not cheating.
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