I have played guitar for quite a while now and acquired a pretty accurate set of ears in the process. Being a student with low income, I came to wonder if it'd be possible to make a little money with my skills.

I know there are people out there who'd be willing to pay for an accurate tab of a song they'd like to learn. However, I don't quite understand how this would work from the legal standing point.

Can I interpret a song by some band, in other words, make a tab of the way I think it's played, and then sell it to someone? I would in no way imply the tablature is official or approved by the artist, of course.

Thank you for any input, fellow musicians.
you cannot legally, without paying royalties. Tab sites got shut down and legally threatened from simply hosting tabs for free. Had they charged for the tabs, they would have been in an even stickier situation.

not suggesting anything, but who would find out?