I want to add a millenium bypass to my tonepad Big Muff clone so I can have a status LED with a DPDT switch.

I'm planning on using Offboard Wiring 3 in this link:

I have the LED and the correct resistors for the millenium board, but I don't have a 2N5485 or a 1N914.

I do have a 2N5457, a 1N5819, and a EDIT: 1N4148.

Will the 2N5457 work as a replacement for the 2N5485, and will either diode work as a replacement for the 1N914?
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I wouldn't see why not. Any MOSFET should work as it's N-type, and a 914 is general purpose, so I don't see why you can't use a replacement. Try it, should be fine.
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the 2n5485 is an n-chan jfet too iirc
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