I've been playing the acoustic guitar for a few months and also saving up for an electric guitar and an amp. Well I've decided to get the Epiphone G-400 but I don't know which amp I should get. I'm looking to play mostly pop-punk/pop-rock/alternative (Yellowcard, Paramore, All Time Low, The Swellers, etc.). What's a good amp that's not too pricy but doesn't sound too awful?
I don't really have a budget as of right now, as long as it's under 350 dollars (since that's the cost of the guitar) and lasts me 2+ years I'm good.
It's just for playing in my bedroom

Oh and I'm looking at an "All Access Amp Pack" that I can buy from Epiphone for about 150 dollars and it comes with a Epiphone Studio 15R...is that any good?
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I'd go for more than that Epi. They really don't sound good, I hate listening to the bands that use them.

As for the amp, are you planning on playing shows or bedroom hero?
I think with the Line 6 Spider IV you can't go terribly wrong and you save money for effects
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I think with the Line 6 Spider IV you can't go terribly wrong and you save money for effects

Yes you can.

Examples of amps far better than the Line 6 Spider:
- Fender Mustang;
- Peavey Vypyr;
- Roland Cube;
- Vox ValveTronix (not great for metal).
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The rule with both guitars and amps (and basically everything else guitar-related) is that if it comes in a fancy-titled branded set along with some other stuff, it's probably shit.

Sorry, that's just the way life works. It does however mean that you should stay well away from that box.

Also, you're gonna have to give us some more information. There's a lot of amps out there for less than $350.

Valve (tube for you Yanks) or solid-state? Number of channels? Size? Effects? All these things are important in an amp.

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I think with the Line 6 Spider IV you can't go terribly wrong and you save money for effects

You hopeless bastard.

While we're on this kind of topic, stay well away from the Marshall MG. Please.

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Pop Punk ?
Bedroom ?

Vox VT-20+. That gives you some room for when you want to play other stuff. By that time, it will likely be 2 years into the future already. It was for me.
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Now you're a bedroom guitarist...

And that is the only reason I suggest this, because it ain' t an amp..

But get a soundcard/soundinterface/mixerthing... They can be dirt cheap, and get the jobs done for anything you'd need done within a few years.

Also makes recording easier.

My 2 cents
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look at a modeling amp they will be best for you at the price you stated.
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I would recommend either a Roland Cube or a Vox Valvetronix. Great range of tones (which all sound great, considering the price) and a load of effects to play around with.

And for the love of god, don't buy a Line 6 Spider. They just ****ing suck.
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