Ok so I decided I'm finally gonna buy a tube head, but usually I keep finding only solid state heads. Do you guys have any suggestions on finding a good tube head for under 500 (unless you highly recommend it) I really need a loud sound and a good tube distortion. I'm planning on looking at cabs after I find the head that suits my needs. For more help I play Grunge, Alternative, and metal. I own a Schecter Damien 7 and a Squire SSH. Hope this helps you guys help me find a head that's suited for me.
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schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

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new or used?

and for round those prices ill tell to look at peavey and bugera
idf you answer those maybe we can suggest better im leaving now so i leave the rest to the good people of ug
Peavey Vypyr 120w. I have this amp and a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and I feel the Peavey has a much harder metal sound than the Mesa Boogie. I believe the head is about $550. Very loud and distortion that won't stop!
You could check into blackstar amps. You aren't going to get that really heavy sound out of them without an overdrive to boost it, but for the price they are pretty killer.
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Well I need a good amp for gigging, I don't mind used gear (I tend to buy all my stuff used.) I really need something that gives me that alternative and/or grungey sound. I need something where I can say I have something good and am not ashamed of it.
Quote by jonathan92
schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

[Proud owner of a Schecter Damien 7]
JCA 50h will work well for most styles without the need for boost/distortion pedals except for exteam high gain
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