I just wanted to drop a quick review/warning about these products but there's no guitar parts section in the reviews. I ordered a bridge, some tuners, tuner trees, pickup screws, strings, and strap buttons from guitarfetish and I want to talk about the quality so others know before ordering. My original intent was to upgrade the hardware on my Squier tele since I like the sound but it goes out of tune quickly.

The good:
I ordered the gold pickup screws and strap buttons and have no problem. They do what they're supposed to, I mean how could they not?

The bad:
Everything else I ordered was bad quality. The "fender style" bridge was the wrong spacing for the guitar. The saddles are wider than the one that came on my guitar originally and really screws up the alignment with the fretboard and pickups. The tuners are supposed to be direct drop in replacements but they have screws where my originals do not. I dealed with that problem since it was more my fault for not checking than theirs. Once installed, the tuners looks very nice but after a month of use they don't stay in tune very well at all. The slightest amount of string bending and they go out of tune, this is after stretching the strings and a month of use. The squier tuners were better than the GFS ones. The string trees are supposed to be direct drop in replacements as well. I put them in and they shot across the room when I tuned up the guitar because the screws that came with them were not big enough to hold them in. I just took them off in the end. Finally, the strings. At first they seemed fine. After a month of occasional use (not my main guitar) they're already rusting.

The bottom line? Don't order anything of value from this company. Stick to small things that are not important like screws and strap buttons unless you just need something cheap and don't really care about the functionality so much.
I did a similar thing recently with my 51.

All of the stuff I got was good, except for the screws on the string trees. The screws on those stripped very easily. An easy fix with some old screws I had hanging around though.

I've been very impressed with their pickups (professional 52's in my tele, and a true coil/alnico II bucker in my 51), and the bridges and switches I have gotten from them have been very good so far.

I agree with what you are saying. In short you get what you pay for. However, I have 4 squiers all running various bits of GFS hardware, and I'm quite happy with it. For modding guitars like these, its perfect. Better than putting $400 in parts into a $150 guitar.
That's to bad. I've ordered Fender and Gibson style bridges, saddles, tone blocks, locking tuners, pickups, string tress, pots, and knobs from them for my own guitars, and repairs I've done for others, and never had a problem. You do have to be careful and make sure you get the correct size though as it can be a little confusing. They generally have very good customer service and will work with you if something doesn't fit correctly. I hope you have better luck with them in the future should you order again.