I think they sound pretty good.
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I've got the AC30 model and I love it. For something to just jam out with and not bother anyone its really nice. What's cool about it too is you can hook it up to an external speaker when you play for other people. I will admit though that after a year or it did start to crap out on me. The volume pot got messed up, which could've been because I always had it cranked :P
I love mine, i have the metal and classic version, they sound great, the only thing they are missing is a reverb effect to make it sound more full, but otherwise a great purchase for some lazy practicing and messing around
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I have the AC30. I'd recommend it. It doesn't sound great but decent for what it is. Comes in pretty handy.
I own the AC30 too, they are really good for what they are, just don't expect it to replace a nice tube amp. @HowToFly, I agree some reverb would have been a great touch.
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I have the Classic and the AC30. Alright for a headphone amp. The big advantage is size.
Shell out the extra couple bucks and get the line 6 pocket pod they run $99 and it can do way more than the amplug.
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