I have a new Cordoba Dolce classical guitar. The tone is amazing. I play classical guitar at restaurants and it's quickly becoming my main preforming guitar.

Anyway, I just got this Humicase Humidity Control Pack and was wondering if there's an optimal spot to place it inside the guitar case? I guess it doesn't really matter, since the humidity inside the case reaches equilibrium, anyway, but will it affect my guitar if I place it closer to the body? Closer to the neck?

Just something I was wondering about. I have it Velcroed to a spot in my case underneath the neck right now.
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I would assume you place it somewhere near the body. I use the basic Martin 'worm ' humidifier that goes inside the guitar.
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That looks like a great product - thanks for sharing that. The relative humidity where I live hovers around 10-15%
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As long as you have a hard case, the moisture will get to all of the guitar. The main part that needs to be humidified is the body, so a little bit closer to that couldn't hurt.
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I have a question on humidifiers. I live in NJ and its about 80 degrees and the humidity is high (70-80) outside. Do I need to put my humidifier in the case atm or will it just ruin the instrument because its too humid out right now as it is?

If I don't put in a humidifier, do I take the guitar out of the case because inside the case is not outside...?

I'm noob. sorry