So I've been making pedals for a while now with success. Recently I thought why not make them and sell them on UG and that website that rhymes with GeeHay ( you know the one )

So that is exactly what I am going to do. I'm only doing it as a way of raising a bit of cash before I start college. Pedals will cost around £45-£50 unfinished enclosure and £50-£55 finished enclosure. I can built what ever you desire providing there is a schematic or layout of it

PM me to discuss LED colours, enclosure colours, knob ( tee hee ) options, what type of pedal you'd like. You can even specify what colour wire you want, now that's service

Pedals found on EvilBay will have a £10 mark up.

You can contact me via PM or at my e-mail address - Daniel-Cockerham@hotmail.co.uk

OK, so first up is a pedal I already built a clone of a colorsound one knob fuzz -

I'm asking £45 plus shipping. PM me with offers I don't bite. Remember I am a human and do have feelings so if you have any problems please PM me in a civilised way.

Don't suppose you could clone a "cornish NG-2"?
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