I am a minor and live with my parents still, and I need a way to smoke in my house without getting caught.

Should I use a bong or vaporizer? Also, I have never smoked before, so how do I now appear high to my parents?
Out in the woods.
get a cig roller machine and roll it like that I guess.

good luck hiding the smell though, if your parents aren't idiots they'll be able to sniff your shit out
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Also, Drug thread.
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I would recommend not smoking weed if your parents don't want you to. Smoke away when you leave their house, but it's not worth the disappointment you'll put them through if they find out. This is all assuming they feel strongly about you not smoking.
if you're white, around 50 percent chance your parents loved that reefer as a kid and will probably take a few nugs from your bag when you're gone

dont really smoke anymore but i'd say just lock your door, stuff a towel to cover the cracks, play some music, and open up your window.


wait, why do you wanna smoke by yourself the first time?

hang out with some friends you trust and are experienced with that stuff, dont just buy a bag from that dropout across the street and take a bong rip in your house your first time...
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Don't hide it. Sometimes parents will join in.
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don't smoke a spliff on your own like a loser. take some to your friend's.

or just don't do it at all if you haven't already started
You're not cool.

Go to your friends house.
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in your basement, though your brother might complain
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don't smoke in your house if you don't want caught. Go to the park or the woods or something.
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don't smoke in your house if you don't want caught. Go to the park or the woods or something.

This. Or vapourise, but honestly...don't do stupid shit in the house. Parents always find out, unless they're equally as doped up. In which case I fail to see a problem.
Drug Thread. That being said you wouldnt want something big like a bong or a vap. You would want a little one hitter, make sure you have a fan blowing all the smoke out the window. For extra mesure exhale through a toilet paper role that is stuffed with fabric softener sheets. You could even spray the inside of the role with axe body spray or something just to be safe (this will not give the smoke as pungent of an odor. I used to live with a str8 edge blind kid my freshman year of college so I got tons of these little tricks.
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don't smoke a spliff on your own like a loser. take some to your friend's.

or just don't do it at all if you haven't already started
Hey man no need to be a dick. Seriously if you do it on your own that just proves your not some tool who does it to look cool. Its a nice way to relax and chill. Its a whole different experience on your own.

As an answer as many others said go in the woods. Or if you really must do it inside use a vapo and go in the bathroom with the shower and fan on and leave the window open and blow out that. If you do that make SURE TO HAVE SOME FREBREEZE OR LYSOL, seriously that shit works wonders. also change your clothes then go chill in your room and listen to music or something, they probably wouldn't notice unless you talk to them. I would do this when your parents are gone or late at night if possible. And if you've never done it before it only lasts about 3hrs depending on how much you toke. PS towel covering the door bottom too.
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Snort it.
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