Alright so I'm looking to go to a summer music festival somewhere in the United States or Canada this summer. Any suggestions?

I checked out Lollapalozza and the lineup just wasn't my type. I mean the Foos are pretty ****ing rocking but Muse, Eminem and bunch of the other bands just didnt seem to get the wow factor out of me.

Anyways I love grunge/alternative rock/punk so theres an idea of what kind of festival.

Thanks for the help dudes!
Alt Rock? Muse should be good to go, coupled with the fact that there's a general consensus on Muse's status as being one of the best live acts out there.

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If you turn down the opportunity to see Muse live, you are a fool.

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Im just not a big Muse fan. Never could get into them.
LOL as if not liking Muse is some kinda weird phenomenon Jokes.
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I dislike Muse's new stuff but even I want to see their live show.

Here in the UK, Sonisphere is going to be amazing.
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