Completely gutted. For no reason the other day my Peavy Vypyr just cut out while playing. It wont turn on at all. The whole reason I went solid state is because I tube amps kept dying on me. Just to make it clear I didn't knock it, bump it, spill anything on it etc it just cut out for what seemed like no reason at all. Any ideas of what it could be?
Did it turn off when it cut out or was it still lit up?

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Could be the power adapter? Try and find another one that might just be lying around. If it's not that, take it to a tech. It won't be anything major I hope.
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loose wire inside? open it up and see if anything is loose.
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I don't know if I should. Not 100% sure what I'm doing. I've opened tube amps up before but never a solid state. Aren't a moddlers innards practically like a poor mans computer.
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Take it to a tech.

Shit happens sometimes, regardless of the type of amp.

My tube amp has never ever failed on me and I've had it coming on four years now.
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I think its a fuse. It sounds kinda obvious, but I might be wrong.
Also, the amps built in step downer might have connked (IIRC modellers run on much lower voltages for the chips, like 12V or something unless im badly mistaken)
Sounds like a fuse blew, to be honest. Check your fuses, if there's a bad one, replace it, and if it does the same thing, take it to a tech, because that would imply that there's some sort of short going on.
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Reliability seems to be an issue with the Vypers. I'd take it in.
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Reliability seems to be an issue with the Vypers. I'd take it in.

Thats why i overlooked them completly
How long has it been since it died? Have you tried to turn it on since then?
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eh, fuck it. just got buy a new amp. upgrade to the 60watt with t00bz in it. And are you really sure your tube amps were dying on you? or was that just the tubes burning out and you not knowing what to do?
That happens to alot of vypyrs for some reason. Alot of reviews say it and it has happened to two of my friends. Something about the motherboard. If you bring it to any peavey place I think they will fix it for free.
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Since you haven't mentioned any unfortunate smells, my first guess would be that a power supply issue toasted a fuse. Hard to diagnose things without the amp in front of me, however. Vibration could have finished off a loose connection as well.
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**** fixing the vypyr, not worth the money and time.
You might as well get a better, trustable and more durable amp.

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