Wow this is something, it seriously reminds me of al di meola, Paco de lucia and has tinges of the opeth sound in there, perhaps more spanish jazz than foresty acoustic folk/prog, although Disconnect Rough is quite opethy and also a bit crimson-esque, but your stuff is something i'll definately listen to from now on.
I really love the ambient feel to it, very much sounds like it would be a great fit in an art or indie film. I gotta say that I am hearing more Porcupine Tree than Opeth in there but, that could also be because Steven Wilson has such a huge impact on Opeth's sound. Keep up the work and looking forward to hearing more.
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Thanks very much guys..you made my day. FYI if you are referring to the acoustic tunes progfripp those were just ideas for a cajon player, im in scotland and setting up a celtic/flamenco jazz type band with cajon flamenco guitar piano and violin.