so, my co-guitarist tells me i should turn the 2x12 cabinet i use with my Rect-O-Verb on its side. he tells me that this i how you are supposed to use them. since i have a full sized head, i do not want my rig to look like an uppercase T.

so, fellow musicians, i ask you:
should i turn my amp cab on its side like he tells me, or should i keep it right side up like the manufacturer designed it for?
Long as it doesn't seem like it'll fall over, you're good. When it stands on it's side, one of the speakers will be higher than otherwise (obviously), which'll make it easier for you to hear yourself.
well the manufacturer did design it that way...

what is his reason for turning it on its side?
Well, do what sounds best, but if you settle for putting it on its side, set your head on the ground next to the cab instead.
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I've seen people putting them on their side a lot more often recently. Something to do with bass response or something? I dunno.

Anyway I probably would, partially cos I can imagine it helping to hear yourself on stage, plus my Cornford Roadhouse 30 is a relatively small head which would fit perfectly on the side of a cab.
Two different scenarios: yes and no.

Yes: When i play out with my hardcore band i play my JVM through a 1960 4x12 and an Orange 2x12, so I set the 2x12 on its side and put my rack case on top, it fits perfectly and makes everything symmetrical. (Also whenever I'm playing my Tiny Terror with anybody I set the orange 2x12 on its side and put the Tiny on top, easier to hear)

No: When I play with my country band at practice and just use the JVM and the 2x12 I keep the cab like it's designed, I would never feel good about having my head teetering on top of the cab, even though I'm sure it's solid. Just doesn't feel proper
I imagine vertical is better for sound projection, and horizontal is better for cab-contact with the floor which translates to better bass response.
The advantage is that you are getting a speaker up off the floor. If you had it on an amp stand you could leave it on it's side and have both speakers off the floor.
I'd keep it right side up, because having it the way your friend suggested would look ****ing retarded.

It's not really going to make a big difference either way, sonically.
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ok, here's my take on this.

if the 212 has identical speakers in it and get's enough bass response, then it doesn't matter.

if the 212 speakers are different, then put it on it's side and put the better sounding speaker on the top.

if it's a 412 A cab, you want it on it's side so it projects over a wider area.

if it's a 412 B cab, you want it on it's side because it's just cool and everyone will wonder why it's on it's side and some will assume you know eric johnson or me.