Alright guys, I recently bought a CV strat and the saddles are already developing wear grooves on them and this is causing string breakage problems at the bridge

So does my guitar have shitty saddles, is this a normal incident after a month or two or are my Super Slinkys causing unnecessary problems?

I've sanded a couple, but I don't know if its going to help if they just keep wearing down. Should I keep sanding them down or just buy new ones and put them on?
I'd bet either

A) Your saddles are cheap and are just wearing down, and they should be replaced;


B) The guage of string you have chosen to use is rather heavy, and is damaging your saddles. If your using heavy guage strings that are meant to be played for down tuning, and your tuning your guitar to standard, this problem might occur.
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If you're using super slinkies they're definitely poor quality saddles that should be replaced.
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