Hello! I just recorded this song, it starts off a bit insane but gets more melodic as it goes so stick around!

I will of course return any crit, just leave a link to the song you want me to look at .


Interesting wailings of the banshee. I LIKE THE TRIPLET PARTS!! The trem picking is fun too! NOW WE BROKE IT DOWN WITH A PRETTY COOL SOUNDING WHOLE TONISH RIFF SNUCK IN THERE. NOW it's more pop punky and you sort of left the VIBE that I PERSONALLY was riding but thats OK it is YOUR MUSIC TO EXPRESS. it cruises along nicely and your playing is very tight! Good howl on the unison bends and a nice GUITAR TONE it slinks around.

share da luv!!

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This is really nice guitar work, everything fits together well, even though at times there are a lot of things coming at you. I really liked when the first chord of the chorus hit. You have some great riffs here, and combined with the harmonies and the tightness of the guitar playing it makes for a very good song.

Crit while I listen:
Great drums, they sound really nice. The bass drum is kind of iffy at some points with so many hits, but they sound great. I would bring the cymbals up, especially the ride, not the high hat so much, and bring the bass drum tone. Great guitar tone playing, there really is a lot happening and sometimes the fast rhythm is a little off and makes it confusing. The playing excellent, it could be cleaned up a little. The tones are really excellent though. The song it's self is pretty cool, it's like you said, video game rock. So it's great.