Okay so I've got Protools 8.0.4 and I even had Guitar Rig 4 and I plugged into my mbox that was plugged into my computer. But for the life of me I cannot get a virtual amp to work. I plug my guitar into my mbox directly and guitar rig just doesn't read my guitar I guess? I don't even know.

Any help at all, please? Im so freaking confused.
make sure your input/output is correct...probably Stereo 1-2 or Mono 1....Arm your record button...Are you getting a signal on your meter?
The thing is, I don't know to set it up so that the guitar goes through guitar rig to protools. It's extremely confusing for me and I just need a bit of help with that.

Edit: Okay now that I think about it, plugging into it, I can't even get Guitar Rig 4 to work as a stand alone software that I can play through. Any help with that one?
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Sorry, Refer to the edit please, But once I get guitar rig to work I'll definitely do that next.
Open up Pro Tools -
Plug your Guitar into the back of the Mbox into Input 1
- Create 1 mono Audio Track, 1 Master Fader
- Open up Mix window and set up Input to Mono 1, make sure Output is Stereo 1-2 (should be by default)...
- Insert Guitar rig into your Audio Track...Choose Amp
- Press record on the Audio track and the Master Record button on the Transport Bar
- Check for signal going through your meter, you should hear the amp sim