WOW this music has the power to ENHANCE FEELINGS OF FUN THAT YOU DIDNT KNOW YOU HAD. just with one application and you will be BAH BUH BAW in no time , no time at all, yes siree.


sub the kids on YT n they'll hit you back or get attem or twitter, just let me know you did that here and I'll make sure to do it. LUVU!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
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soon you will leave me with no choice
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Probably scared them all away with your CRAZY yet ODDLY ENTERTAINING way of WRITING, nightwind.

You guys are pretty crazy but I'll risk the venture into insanity and take a listen.

Here goes...

Music is nicely demented as in other rgk-tracks I've heard. I just love the barking.

While I get what you're going for with the initial bah-buw-baw, I think the "singing" could use to be just a little less off-key. Obviously shouldn't be perfect but it's a bit overdone, I think. When it repeats full-on it's nice.

The "I'm a sloppy kid with no direction" initially feels a tad too much like a part in another of your tracks you've posted here, for the purposes of this song it's good however.

"yap yap yap yap" just made me lol

Crazy piano towards the end is nice, but the structure feels a bit tame and I'd have loved to see something change it up.

On the whole, can't say I didn't enjoy it.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1455660
I like this already and I'm like 10s in. Like the piano. Very aggressive vocals which sounds good with the simple backing.

It's fun to listen to. I prefer the first vocalist and I like the weird chorus. Yeah again very good stuff. This is the 3rd track I've heard of RGK and honestly I'm digging them more and more each time.

Good stuff. This was a better video too.
returning the crit


tapping on the string PIANO THING woah cool now switch camera
INSERT NON WHITE RAPPER spitting mad rhymes now we got street cred
cut camera to bathroom NOW IM IN THE SHOWER cool finger stabs
stalking bitchez in MCD'S SON now we got a white kid IS THAT BECK?

overall legit...keep it up hahaha
Cheers for the crit.

I'm digging it man, weird vibe almost dark-ish but it's good man, a little too Hollywood Undead at times, but it's pretty nice stuff, mixed really well, I don't have anything bad to say man, nice work.

Well hip-hop is not my thing, though I kinda liked it, piano melody is great, the same as the video, which is funny, and imho the beginning is the best part of it, it's really psycho, vocals are good too, lyrics are funny, what more can I say... Keep it up

Hey returning your crit.

Personally Hip Hop isn't really my thing.... but I actually liked this track. It has some music depth in the instrumentals. You're not rehashing the same old major chord progressions which is unfortunately rare in mainstream hip hop but brilliant when people put in some effort to write it.
Another thing I have to mention is that the recording quality was really good.
My only real crit is that the sort of sung vocals the "ba ba ba ba" bits sound kind of uncomfortable and strained, but yeah this is a rap track not a vocal ballad so not really a big deal I guess.

Overall, good job. You made a track that someone who doesn't particularly like hip hop managed to enjoy.
Pretty awesome, i enjoyed it a lot. The vocals are great on both parts. Sounds like it actually took effort to write and thought to work out. Overall sounds great, keep writing!
sorry mate, not really digging it...
but to be fair, I'm not really into rap anyway, so I'm not the best one to comment
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