I was recently at my local Guitar Center looking to get the feel of a Telecaster (looking to upgrade from a Squier) but didn't like the length of the neck (25.5''). I was fooling around with a few other guitars when I came across a Mustang. I really enjoyed its feel and the short-scale length of the neck. I wasn't able to plug it in an amp but I think I have a thing with smaller guitars.

Playing Indie/Alternative Rock (Nothing too poppy but not too heavy) what are some good guitars that I could do some research on and get a feel of that fit this genre that have a 24'' neck? Solid Body preferred.


(I have not tried the Jaguar but am fully aware that it is a 24'' as well as Japanese Fenders)
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how about the mustang???

he already said he played the Mustang and liked the feel
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Other than the Mustang, Jaguar, you can check out:
- Fender JagStang 24"
- Squier Duosonic 22.5" originally, back to 24"
- Gibson Byrdland 23.5"

There doesn't seem to be a lot of shorter scale guitars. The Jagstang and Duosonic are pretty much a Mustang and I'm not really a Semi-Hollow guy.

Although I wasn't aware of 23.5s, lol.

Thanks for the good help though.

EDIT: The Duo-Sonic looks like a really fun guitar to mod as well as play. Along with a lower price, I read that they play pretty close to the old fenders.
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Nope. 24 inches period.
Mustangs are great, I would get one of those.

There's some tele's on Rondomusic that are 24 if that's what you're looking for.
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Nope. 24 inches period.
Mustangs are great, I would get one of those.

There's some tele's on Rondomusic that are 24 if that's what you're looking for.

Yeah, I heard that Japanese Fenders are made with a shorter scale (don't quote me on that). It'd be really cool to find one that could though.
If you get an ORM1 you might want to change the pickup but other than that I hear it's pretty solid (although limited with just 1 pup). It's also pretty cheap
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prs makes some 24.5 scale guitars and so does gretsch, although you wouldn eed to look at the SE models and electromatic models to make them affordable.

i think thats really limiting. unless you have TINY hands, 24.75 should be fine and opens up your options a lot. we are talking .75 inches over the entire neck. in each fret that is maybe 1-2 mm.

rule of thumb, you should be able to do a 5 fret stretch on any guitar. ie- say index on 3rd E, middle/ring on 5th A, and then be able to hammer on the pinky at 7th fret A.

thats quite a classic rock thing to do, and you often need to stretch 5 frets to do scales. most people should be able to to 6 frets between index and pinky.

i agree though, i dont have huge hands, so for playing salces and modesl i tend to gravitate towards 24.75. i actually would like to move up to 25 inch scale. i find myelf sweating to do large stretches over a 25.5.
The best short scale value on the marklet is the Squier Jagmaster. New at $200 or so.

I collect Fenders and this Squier plays really nicely. I always give it 100% recommendation. I prefer it to the Fender Mustang and to the Jag-Stang.