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So i went to a White Wizzard show in Columbus Ohio(at the Alrosa Villa, where dimebag was shot) last night. It was White Wizzard , Revocation , and Havok opening up for Forbidden .

Incredible show, we(me and my bassist) met all the guys in white wizzard and got all of our shit signed and then hung out with the guitar player for a good hour. He let us play his 57' les paul custom (****ing excellent) near the back of the stage, then we chilled by the bar whilst watching Forbidden kick ass. cool dude...

We're seeing lynch mob and mr big at the same venue in a month so im hoping to meet george lynch, paul gilbert, and billy sheehan.

anyways, who are some bands or noteworthy people you guys have met?
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Brian Head Welch (ex-Korn)

Met him a couple months ago when he came around with his solo project. Got to go inside the tour bus n' stuff. Was cool.
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Tommy Rogers and Dan Briggs from BTBAM. They were both the best people ever.


some guys from Eyes Set to Kill. The hot chicks in the band were no where to be seen.

Also the screamers for Dr. Acula.
Dee Snider. I was at a resort on vacation and I was in the arcade playing Galatica and he came up behind me and said, "Stickin with the old school games huh?" I laughed and said yeah and turned around and BOOM! Dee Snider was chillen there. Probably the coolest thing that happened to me when I was 17.
i met Michael Strahan (professional football player who's in all the subway commercials now) a long time ago, back at the start of his career. it was some promotion for a local store.
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I've met (at festival organised meet and greet things):

Blind Guardian
Praying Mantis

Unorganised meetings:

The lead singer of Alestorm
The dead dude from Evile (before he died, obviously)
Black Stone Cherry
Heaven's Basement

Sports People:

Aaron Lennon
Tom Huddlestone
Henrik Larsson
Djibril Cisse
Jay Lethal


Kevin from Corrie.
I've talked to some of the guys in my favorite band, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's many times, both online and in person.

I've chilled with The Fall of Troy after a show.

As for famous people, the kid who played Anakin Skywalker in Episode I used to live 5 houses down from me, he was a jerk. And my best friend is cousins to comedian Frank Caliendo, so I met and rode in a van with him.
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The singer from Glamour of the Kill and the singer from Beyond All Reason
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
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everything that you've come to expect

the most famous band i ever met was rise against at warped tour about 5 years ago. tim was kind of a quiet guy.

i've also met robin williams twice.
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A couple months ago I went to a small music festival, and I was front row up against the bars. During Cage the Elephant's set, Wayne Coyne from the Lips came out a bit by the edge of the stage to where he was directly in front of me (I was to the side a bit), and he looked right at me. So I waved very frantically and he waved back to me.

Not a meeting, but an acknowledgement of my existence.

I've met all of Opeth and Porcupine Tree.
I even got to hang out with the guys from PT for like 3 hours.

Met like half of tesseract as well...they were watching Meshuggah play from the crowd.
met and took a picture with paul waggoner of btbam (my profile picture here) a few months back

was so hungry though, seemed like a dream...
I'm going to an Animals as Leaders show (hopefully) and I'm gonna try to meet Tosin.
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i have to ask, did you touch his beard?

I shook his hand, but no, I did not touch his beard.
I met Bell Biv Devoe and i met Decyfer down not really much.
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I stood outside the signing tent at Download festival, and had a 20 minute chat with a random guy in a devil mask. Turned out to be the singer from Bleeding Through. Nearly shat myself.
Same festival, sat and jammed in the Jackson guitars tent and met Phil Demmel.
Saw Sam Totman of Dragonforce buying beer at the Black Crusade tour a few years ago. I just shouted a lot as I was being dragged out of the arena by my friends and he waved with a look on his face like I'd pointed a gun at his balls.

Oh, and I had a cup of tea with Richard Hammond, but we didn't talk
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I shook his hand, but no, I did not touch his beard.

I get the feeling touching his beard would result in a large, catostrophic explosion anyway.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

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Met Jim off the apprentice

I'll give you a minute to take that in...

Wait... Is that the evil Scottish one?
Janick Gers, Dave Mustaine, Glenn 5 from Anvil, Herman Li, Sam Totman, Vadim from Dragonforce with the long name, oh and Chuck Billy from Testament too.
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Andy McKee. That man was easily the happiest person I've ever met. He was such a lovely person.
God, the past year or so has been insane with meeting celebrities. For the longest I'd never met even one despite hanging out in Los Angeles "hot spots" frequently.

I most recently met Lea Michele at The Standard. She was sweet.
Umm, I've met seven time Formula One world champion Mika Hakkinen twice, musically I haven't met anyone big, however my dad helped Jimmy Page move house around 5 years ago.

EDIT: twice world champ, my bad, I couldn't quite remember how many it was for him and read the wrong thing on wiki

also to the post a couple below, my cousin got to meet Bonamassa who is a mahusive hero to him.
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Umm, I've met seven time Formula One world champion Mika Hakkinen twice, musically I haven't met anyone big, however my dad helped Jimmy Page move house around 5 years ago.

Mika was "only" twice world champ

that's awesome though, he's one of my heroes, I'd love to meet him
I've meet Joe Bonamassa and spoken to him after his show in Birmingham. Nice guy.
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Met everyone in the current Fear Factory line-up, then got my shirt signed by them.
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