Hey guys, I am looking at buying a new electric guitar. My budget is $1000, and i play mostly rock, especially classic rock like led zeppelin, guns n roses, acdc, jimi hendrix but also with a little bit of newer stuff thrown in like the red hot chili peppers and muse. What do you suggest? My amp is either a Vox ac4tv or fender superchamp xd.
Are you more of a Les Paul or a Strat guy? Obviously you're going to want a solidbody with at least one passive humbucker, so preferred shape and/or scale length would be helpful. Also, are you willing to go used? If so, give us your nearest city to peruse Craigslist and such. That's all we really need I think.
Im definitely more of a les paul shape guy. And id rather go new, but used would be alright. My nearest big city would be raleigh nc.
I have a Schecter C-1 Custom with a Floyd Rose. It gets every genera you can name played on it. Unfortunately mine was bought before they put coil tapping on them, and i believe then new ones have it. Anyways, i dont know if you want a Floyd Rose or not, but i recommend Schecter Very Strongly. I have played tons and they are all great guitars. I also recommend that you go with seymour Duncan Pickups. They are way more versitle, and you wont sound like every other guy in the world who plays emgs.

Here is one other thought. Gibson and Fender make nice guitars, dont at all get me wrong. But they are expensive. You will get way more out of a guitar like a schecter, for your 1000 dollars.
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yeah, check out some used strats man. You can NEVER go wrong with a good strat. Used made in america strats go for under a grand all the time. And, later on down the road, if you want to obviously, you can throw in some good modern noiseless single coil pick ups. That way you still get the vintage strat quack, so you can nail those jimi and fruciante tones, but if you wanna throw on heaps of gain and drive, the noiseless pick ups are insanely versatile. They can hang in there perfectly with the les pauls and sg's and give you a fat angus or slash tone. If you have the right amp and pedals anyways lol. I play a strat with noiseless pick ups through a ts9 into an ocd into a 40 watt fender tube.
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while i would look on to a little better amp myself, a very versatile guitar for $1000 is a used PRS CE22.
Definitely schecter c-1 custom. It's got more the feel, weight, and sound of a les paul. They also haz teh coil tapz so you can get some pretty decent single coil sounds out of them. If you want the floyd rose the FR model is a little pricier, but it has a good one in it.

I see you'd prefer a les paul shape but you should really try out an HSS strat. If you don't like the feel and tone that's fine, at least you tried. But the versatility of one of those is something you really can't find anywhere else, and it would definitely be the perfect axe for you assuming it feels right.
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while i would look on to a little better amp myself, a very versatile guitar for $1000 is a used PRS CE22.

second that. love my ce22
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