Awash with blues and greens
The lightning seems, to crack, to fade
Forgetting several escapades
One virtual escape
Upon arrival I do see the train
Battered by rain, it creaks, it halts
Vast upon the visage vaults
The renegade plays
A close escape

One morning, all I need to strain
Send my feelings away
Cast to a planet strange
No hope to communicate
Beyond the grave, the life is saved
Or at least preserved, a device
Kept on ice, champagne
A beauty so sane

So magnificent it glows, yet I do
Hear the bows
And the arrows go
Softness has no time to show
The victory only waits and wants
To hear the crescendo
That sway and swell of melodic tide,
Envelope of masking pride, the justice side
Of a lightning strike
So parade inside, mastermind of false divide

Yet altogether it shines so bright
A second lost forever in the timeless glide
Observe the rasping fairground ride
Of people dancing, shattered life
The train arrives, En gare of dreams
Draining through the palette
Bleed into those blue and greens
As they wash away, the ideal day
Is far it seems.
Perhaps my feelings were wrong to stray
Unto that planet cast away
My judgement on false hope was based
Thus I must stay, to ride again
New memories, the tracks dictate