B5 Amplification caters to ValvB5 Amplificatione Junior and low-power tube amp owners who want more from their amps, whether single-ended or push-pull, ranging from modification modules, custom turret board design & fabrication, spring reverb, tube and solid-state tremolo, power tube bias options, auxiliary power supplies, power attenuators, custom boutique pedals and footswitches. We also do Valve Junior based makeover & redesign.

There is a revolution going on in the low-power tube amp world and rightfully so. They are popular, plentiful, easy to modify, and ooze sweet tone with some good design. Don’t be left behind with subpar modifications... join the revolution!

Here are the prices: Pay Pal is how we do it.

mid-boost Module:
$85 Electronic Footswitch LED option

Dual custom FOOt switch (VJR):

SAt fat Module:
$90 Electronic Footswitch LED option

Gain station module:

TUBE Vibrato module:

VJR Ver 2&3 Turret boards:
$35 Eyelet Board
$38 Turret Board
$40 Double Turret Board
$75 Hybrid board with DC Filament Supply

VER 1 Turret Board is now available. Price is the same as VER 2&3 boards

B-2 Board:
$160 (Eyelets) Add $4 for Turrets
$180 NOS 6QA5 included

Spring reverb:
Price to be determined. Currently performed in-house. Kit or module for release soon.

New Amp In.....B5 Combine 212 5 watt single ended 6005

This is a small 2 man run shop located in the Puget Sound.Valve Junior mods made easy and extreme makeovers