I'm playing an acoustic-electric guitar in an acoustic rock band (two acoustics, drums, really simple set-up). Most of our songs are done acoustically (obviously) but occasionally we have electric guitar parts that the other guitarist takes responsibility of (He plays a Godin A6 Ultra, has an electric pick-up), but he can only do so much on his own for some of the parts we have. What I was wondering is if it was possible to take an electric guitar pick-up and attach it to my acoustic so that I could use distortion when need be and not get the feedback of death that I get when I try running even the lightest distortion through my guitars built in pick-up system? If not, would any run of the mill soundhole pick-up do the trick?
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not really.

you could try a piezo system in the bridge, but even then, it won't really give you the electric feel that you are looking for.

your best bet, would be to get build a thinline tele with like a mahogany body and spruce top, and then get the acousti-phonic system from graphtech. that would get your acoustic tone perfectly, and then when you want electric guitar on top of that, turn on the electric pickups and jam away.