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So this is a song I recorded a little bit ago, so I hope you like it, I put a lot of work into this one. I experimented more with mics, first time recording an acoustics and layering vocals, and still experimenting with superior drummers and basses. I think it turned out pretty well Not the best singing I've ever done, but I'm proud of it. I'd love to hear what you think so crit and C4C of course.

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I like this, its very easy to listen to. You have a really nice voice, it kind of reminds me of the guy from Bright Eyes. The chorus melody is great, it fits well with the build up to the distorted guitars. The solo was also a very good outro. Overall this is a really great song. Good job!
First off, great job! Love the sound of it.
I love the guitar melody in the verse, really... I love it, nothing like a great melody to make a simple I-iii chord progression your own. Something about the occasional miscommunication between the piano and the guitar playing the same melody really works in your favor. Also great job with the drums in the chorus, they bring it together nicely in my mind, real drummer or loops? either way, sounds good. Also the build up in the bridge worked great. The only things I would like to hear improved are the vocals, they sound great / and fit the style and genera great 90% of the time, just need a little cleaning up that's all. Also towards the end, I was getting a little bored with the chorus (just a little I swear), I think a little musical variety in the last chorus would help. Just did a re-listen and realized you do have another guitar part in the out chorus, turn it up a bit and I think you'll be set. Also, outro is perfect!
My style of music, so I loved it, gave ya a 5 star!

C4C if you don't mind?
Thanks I programmed the drums with Superior Drummer, and yeah I think it repeats too much too:p I should make the second chorus just two times and bring in the layered vocals the last time. I've been working on my voice my bestest, this was like two months ago... it still hasn't changed really but I'm working on it.
Yeah, that would probably sound great, some little things I like to do in my songs would be something like play your your verse melody as octaves behind the last chorus to bring a cool sense of the song going "full circle", or a secondary vocal part with its own new melody you sing behind the chorus to really make it stand out. Or you can leave it how it is cause its your song :p , just some little thoughts that popped into my head.
I had another melody line in the last chorus but I effed up one of the notes and then people came home so I couldn't record in peace and was just like "eh good enough" and left it out:p You can hear it in the outro I think
Wow that was really good! Did you do everything yourself? Honestly it's hard to find anything to crit. I would say when the drums first come in the snare is a bit distracting but it's fine later.

Yeah man, good work. And thanks for the crit!