Hey guys, I had some free time today, something that is very hard to come by being a full time student and having a full time job, so I finally started to write/record 2 songs.

The first is titled, "Shame", and its a simple acoustic song built around 2 very simple chord melodies. I like the feel of this one a lot, and just to note the vocals are not final right now, they are just placeholders until I write some lyrics for this song. The vocal melodies are what I intend to use though. So I do intend to rerecord vocals to be cleaned up and not as pitchy. Let me know what you like/dislike, how you feel about the chord progressions, and guitar work.

The second has a lot more work ahead of it. It's titled, "Georgia", and its a little more "rock". All I have done thus far is the intro and first verse, because that's really all I have written so far. I'm really trying to bring some dynamics to this song with the intro, and most likely the chorus as well, in a loud straight forward rock in a minor key(Bm), to a lighthearted verse played meant to highlight the acoustic guitar in D major. One last note, I like the transition between the intro and the verse because I used a F#7 - A#Dim7 - C#Dim7 progression which I can use between the verse and chorus again because it resolves nicely to D or Bm.
(small edit, after the first verse, where its basically just bass playing is where I still stopped working, so disregard anything from there on, it was just getting a little draining working on this song!)

Sorry if I rambled, just like to convey my thought process, C4C of course.
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i really liked the first one
your voice is way bette rthan mine hahah

sounds familiar in a good way i just cant quite put my finger on it
the tone of the intro however it hurt physically hurt my ears like the music of it but ouch
the intro solo just sweet

good job both are a great work in progress wouldlike to hear the finished product
I really like the first one, its simplicity makes it great. The melodies quite fitting for the song and its production. I guess I'd describe it as light, but in a good way. I could see this in a romantic film or something like that.

The second one is also good, but I feel like it kind of fall off the track about half way through. But it is a good start, I really like the part around 0:37, the way it transitions is kind of late Beatles-esque.

For Shame: Kind of reminds me of Bright Eyes, I think, I haven't listened to them too much but from what I heard I can make the comparison. Your voice is really great:p I like the dubbed vocals a lot. The acoustic guitar sounds a little too compressed, maybe thats just me. I wish it would build up quicker than it did, and that it would go somewhere else after it did. But yeah, you seem to know what you're doing. Great job, thanks for the crit
That acoustic song is beautiful.
The higher ended notes with the lower (ish) vocals..
The chord prgoressions are beautiful, i love the flow.
and the higher ended vocals fit perfectly, so much emotion

The rock song is a little, long.. like i lose interest? Its catchy at first, but i thing around halfway it needs a pick me up, TBH

I am in love with the acoustic though.
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