i am more or less curious to see what you all think of BBE's products.

i have had a sonic maximizer, and i thnk for most part it is a load of crap, as far as just really making you scoop your mids, by boosting the highs and lows. i have read all of the theory behind it and it makes sense, but just didn't seem to work for me that way.

i have a BBE green screamer and if i need to boost an amp, it is one of top few OD's i have messed around with. i like it better than Ibanez's tube screamers as well as the Maxon 808, with the exception of way huge's green rhino.

i have the bbe supa charger pedal power, and couldn't be happier, tons of options as far as voltage goes, and it is nice and quiet and does everything i could ask for.

i have seen a few of you guys with some more of the higher boutique type stuff on your board with either the mind bender or the two timer.

so UG what are your thoughts?
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Ive used the sonic stomp too, it works well for recording, thats about it imo.
I also own the supa charger great product rivals voodoo labs.
bbe is a solid company
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They're ok. The soul vibe wasn't too bad. The two-timer delay wasn't bad either.
I rather like my Soul Vibe, can't speak for the others
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They're ok. The soul vibe wasn't too bad. The two-timer delay wasn't bad either.

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