Recorded a mate's song on the weekend to have a go at mixing someone other than myself for once. No vocals yet, solo was a quick take as we were out of time and is full of chattyness andddddd was my first time micing a cab as well.


Amp is a Spider so tone is a bit chatty to say the least + SM57.
Bass is DI and was improvised in one take.
Drums are run through a botched installation of Addictive Drums that won't let me mix each sample individually. So until I've got the cash for EZdrummer or the like that's about as good as they're gonna get =/
Off to a great start, aren't we?
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I think overall each track sits well in the mix, except for the snare. You said you couldn't mix each sample individually, so there's nothing you can do aside from bringing the overall level of them down a hair. Sounds good.
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Eww, nasty drums

Everything else is decent but the drums kill it
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