Just something I wrote after listening to Leveler by ABR. Clearly influenced by them in almost all aspects, haha.

Not really strange or anything like most of the stuff I've posted, not progressive or anything. Just techy and not (completely) generic metalcore.

Thanks for any feedback, I'll be sure to C4C if you want.

Edit: Added bass, labeled parts for amusement, etc.
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Not a lot to say but I listened to the whole thing so I'll just say what's on my mind

-Intro was cool, (I haven't listned to all of leveler yet but I don't know if ABR uses electrodrums like that, butit doesn't really matter)
-bar 41, how do you do a wide vibrato on a 16th note? seems pointless
-good use of ride bells at riff at bar 21 (in fact all the drumming is nice and ABR-like)
-cool use of tremolo bar and chugging, is that easy to do?
-solo was very cool, a lot like ABR, using a variety of strings, but the last two bars were kinda weak, right climax idea, I just didnt like the way you did it
-I liked the bass drum roll at bar 68-69
-Riff starting on 86: this was interesting and I liked the lead but maybe tweak the rhythm (specifically bar 88, I didnt like the use of the 7th fret, sounded off key)

That's pretty much it, This song was pretty good, possisbly as good as one of ABR's singles
I had a strong, memorable chorus, which is important
Arrgggg, bass is not optional, especially for MIDI! But on to the substance of the piece itself.

I liked the glitchy drums, I'm disappointed they didn't come back anywhere. But the lead you have over the chugging is nice, and kills the generic-ness of the rhythm guitar. 17-20 felt really drawn out, I'd say cut the first two bars and leave the second two (with the china cymbal).

21 doesn't feel like the chorus, and a listener would be hard pressed to call it that until a second listening when they realized its prominence of repetition.

Throughout the piece, the lead lines keep the listener interested, and they aren't piss-boringly unoriginal, so that's nice. The breakdown with the whammy bar abuse sounded good, but as far as actually playing the thing, I can't see how you'd maintain picking and staccato precision while holding down the arm... then again, I don't own any guitars with one, so I might be missing something.

68 sounds like a slightly thrashier A7X breakdown. All it's missing is the blue note power chord. Not a bad thing, but we've all heard it a dozen times before. And a dozen times before that, too. :/ The octave melody is helpful in improving this section, though.

The rest of the thing is good. No complaints on anything else, really.

I'm not usually this detailed; I was here, because, for metalcore, this has potential. Not mind-blowingly amazing, but not painfully bland either. I lol'd at the fragments at the end of the file, because of how sporadic they sounded.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452586
Just realized I definitely uploaded it with all that crap on the end, haha. Disregard all that, lolol.

Also, yeah, I guess I forgot to add bass before posting again. Oops. ><

Anyways, thanks for the feedback so far, I'll try to get back to you soon!

Also, changed one of the last riffs and added some cliche 'epic' stuffs in it.
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Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
That intro's pretty sick man, really got me in the mood. The intro itself didn't quite make me think of ABR, but the rest of the song did. Yeah you've used generic chord sequences but I still enjoy it. Hell, look at Leveler or Constellations, they use the same key for like the entire album. But we like to be critical here on the tab forums don't we.

The melodies are really nice, bars 21-24 are cool, but I don't think it should repeat in the same way it does, it didn't sound right. Change the fifth bar I guess. You really do need some bass though, especially for sections like bars 25-28. The epicharmonymel is nice though, and the next section's really nice, probably my favourite part of the song.

The whammy breakdown was sick, the solo was fine but it didn't sound very special, probably just because it really sounds like an ABR song at this point. The use of synths towards the end was really nice though, I'm a sucker for orchestral stuff in metal. Bars 90-97 had some had nice sounding chords and cool rhythms, this was one of the outstanding sections but there were some very short moments where it didn't sound great. I think you could maybe work on that section to make it as good as possible. I know that sounds really vague, I'm just being really picky.

So yeah, not exactly original, but I enjoyed it a lot still. Some really cool melodies and riffs in that, but at some points I started to lose attention, and there's that repeated 4 bar section that gets repeated a few times which I thought could do with some work. Nice one.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1453656 Make sure you listen to the newest version!
The breakdown would be played with a fliyd rose trem where you can ben the strings not being played, which releases the tension on the bridge, therefore lowering the played strings pitches. Listen to Rock N No Soul by I Am Abomination for an example.

Edit: Bass added.
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^ ^ ^ Band I am involved in ^ ^ ^
Please check it out? ;D

Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
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