whatever you want it to be, homeboy. I play it at 16bpm because lets face it, 512th notes are infinitely more br00tz than 8th notes.

ETA: I dont actually play it. Id rather die in a fire.
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December 14, 2017
Kolonelkadat, this is the Guitar Techniques forum - Avenged Sevenfold don't always seem to go down well. For one, I hate them But, if you want to slam other people's opinions, try to keep that in The Pit. These sections are for serious discussion, even if you don't like the question. At the very least, be civil in your response.

Anyway, StewieSwan sounds about right with 130bpm
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I heard it was supposed to have the same amount of BPMs as the average human heart rate (which I think is about 70 bpm), but I'm not sure.
if you watch the making of the album someone says they did it at 140 bpm because thats the average heart beat and they wanted it to be a beating kind of feel.