Hey guys, couldn't find anything akin to my issue in the forums but perhaps i'm being dense, if so, apologies.

Anyway I have a 2010 Fender Strat, under six months old, recently restrung and a Roland Cube 30x, also under six months old.
However, I get some really unpleasant buzzing feedback on the bridge and neck pickups, no matter how low the gain, tone or volume.
The only way to stop the feedback that i've found so far is to sit at a very particular angle and that's not really a realistic solution as I have to sit very still or the buzz returns.
As for cables, i've tried two different ones, both new-ish and the results are the same.

Thanks in advance.
It could be that one of the wires inside your guitar is touching a piece of metal. I had that and the buzzing annoyed me really. got it fixed and no more buzzing, there is a chance that you will still get some buzzing.
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