been playing bass the better part of four years, wanna pick up guitar just for the sake of it any suggestions? i know what to look for in matter of buying gear, neck if comfortable, bridge pickups ect, just suggestions on maybe on company that builds em like a tank(im a goddamn klutz) and any pointers or resources to help with chords or something i guess since i understand most guitar basics from playing around with friends gear, but i guess just lack of actually playing has me missing any real skill aside from nifty tricks i've picked up(dive bombs,pinch harmonics ect) any feedback would be awesome
You could Always Take Lessons...
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Chords are the hardest thing for some to learn when switching from bass to guitar. Also if you play fingerstyle it may take adjustment to learn how to use a pick. I started on guitar, then picked up bass. It's much easier that way, because I just play bass the way I do guitar. If you can learn lead guitar skills, it really helps your bass playing. That's all I can think of to say
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i play pick bass to begin with, and kinda at like my cap at bass for the moment i guess? like i can only do so much without a lead a rhythm part when writing, and when i learn songs the bass part is either too simple, or way out of my league....then i just start adding some of the guitar leads in the bass parts...