Hi! I'm a beginner guitar player and I want to choose an electric guitar to learn to play blues, and classical rock on. I've narrowed my selection to these three models.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008
Gibson Les Paul Traditionnal Pro Exclusive
Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe HSS

The LP Standard 2008 has Burstbucker Pros, the Traditional has a coil-tapped BB3 and a coil-tapped Classic 57' Humbucking pickup.
The strat has an atomic humbucking pickup at the neck and two N1 noisless pickups.

I have big hands and slim and long fingers, and I am used to playing string instruments from playing the cello.
For me all that is important is that I can rely on my guitar not to have any quality issues, and that i have a nice sound.

Also, I don't know which one is better, tremolo or stoptail. I can always attach a Bigsby B70 on an LP, and the Strat I mentioned has a Floyd Rose.

Finally I can't choose the color if I were to buy an LP: Heritage Sunburst vs Ebony. For the Strat I prefer the Sunset Metallic w/ Maple Fretboard
For your first guitar, I would definitely not recommend a tremolo. They are just too annoying to tune and set up at a point where you should only be worried about playing. But at that price, any guitar you get is going to be beautiful.
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I don't know about the cello but guitars are usually personal preference especially when its between guitars that are all good quality,
les pauls and strat are very different.I'd recommend just going and trying them out.

A tremolo on a strat shouldn't give you a problem.
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I'd recommend getting a cheaper guitar till you decide that learning/playing guitar is for you.
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umm... the strat doesn't have a floyd rose it has a fender 2 point trem with locking tuners (not the same as a locking nut) and a roller nut. i'd suggest doing a little more research so you know what you are getting. best bet is to play the guitars as that really is the only way you'll know what is right for YOU. we can only tell yo what we think but everyone will have a somewhat biased opinion. i'm a strat guy so i'll say strat but i'm sure the LP guys will say LP etc.
The Les Paul Traditional Pro is a very good guitar, it's definitely the best Gibson USA model
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Go toa music store and try a Gibson lp and fender strat. They don't have to be the exact ones your considering but try to test ones thy are priced close to those. Some people like strata some like lp.
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dont spend this much money on a first guitar. its a huge waste, especially if you decide you dont want to keep playing. genre wise, you actually chose guitars that will diversify fairly well, but they sound completely different.

i would suggest spending no more than $500 for a first guitar, and possibly looking used. that way if you decide you dont want to stick with it, you can always sell it and not loose anything. by the time you're ready to make the choice for a guitar that expensive, your tastes will have changed and you will know exactly what you're looking for in a guitar.

finally, i own both a strat and a les paul shaped guitar. honestly, i play my strat more often. but i love the les paul to death. play both and see which calls to you. may i also suggest playing every other guitar at the stores you go to just to see which you think sounds and feels the best.

one last piece of advice. NEVER get caught up on brands. i recently found a $300 no name acoustic that sounded better than every guitar up to $1800 i've played (numbering in the hundreds of different guitars). my squier beats out most fenders i've played, and some lesser name brands are putting out huge bang for the buck. brand name is not always quality. if it puts a grin on your face, its the one for you.
this is kind of a question along the lines of

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they are completely different between the LP and the strat. a lp and a strat could not sound or play much different in all reality. if you do not know what you like, you shouldn't be dropping ths much money on a guitar. if it was a which guitar would suit me best, with an application in mind, and the products are similar, we can help you better.

so bottom line, if you don't know enough about a strat and a LP to be debating them as your presumably first or second guitar, you should drop the price range quite a bit. Dropping ~2k on something that you really don't know what your getting is not the smartest thing, especially down the road you will lose 40% of its initial purchase price.

i am not trying to be an a** but thats the truth.


and also for the record i am a les paul kind of guy, i got a strat, but it doesn't see much use, maybe once a month??? its hardly worth restringing every year (don't laugh), but my LP's, SG's, and Wolfgangs see play at least one session through the week.
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Get three used guitars that are completely different. And two different amps. Dont spend more than $500 all together. It will develop not only your tastes, but also enhance your skill and versatility.
IF your gonna spend that kind of $$ look at a PRS CU24. Pretty much any PRS is way better built than a Gibson or Fender. not that they aren't good but for that price PRS is superior. If you like the Strats look at G&L guitars they were started by Leo Fender in the 70's when fender sold out to CBS and went to sh!t just like Gibson is now. But I say try some PRS and G&L models, you deff won't be dissapointed.
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