Cam some one tell me some begginer.intermiadiate songs i can play parts of syphtony of destruction, some jimi hendrix soem enter sandman, i can play into of smoke on water, intro of run to the hills, intro of fear of the dark and the intro of slayer raining blood, i can play ironman whole song other than solo, and i can play seek and destroy except for the solo can any one tel mee some songs i should learn that wud be on my level/ get me beter thank you
i would suggest learn the easier solos from the songs you know.

other songs?

megadeth - hangar 18
Any iron maiden song
Wrong sub-forum, mate. This should be in Musician Talk, in MT's only "suggest me a song/what should I play" thread.
Also, proper spelling is a technique you should improve.

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Im sorry about that i just thought of electric guitar so i put it into hear thanks fro moving it