Hey everyone,

I'll be seeing City and Colour live in Leeds, next month, and today, I got so excited that I spent about 3 hours recreating one of my favourite songs of his; Body In A Box.

This is a complete cover (guitar, vocals, harmonica and hand percussion) and took a fair while to mix too, until I was happy that I had done the original a little bit of justice.

Bear in mind however, that there are a few recording glitches (a couple of pops and clicks), due to my basic recording equipment, but I believe its one of my better covers, so I'm proud of it nonetheless.

As always, leave a comment either in this thread, or in my profile, and I'll definately return one, if you provide a link.


^^Song is here.

Thanking you in advance,


Loving your vocal work. I'd say your recordings are at a higher level of an amateur one. Really liking the listen. Your guitar and harmonica work is pretty solid, and your vocals are smooth. I wasn't expecting to hear something good since I think Dallas Green's voice is pretty unique. You got the beat of the song very decently and smoothly.

The other songs are not bad either.

Give my covers a listen if you feel like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1408553
You certainly did this song justice, which is hard to do for any of Dallas Green's songs. I'm impressed, both by the cover and the quality of the recording. I'm also really digging the addition of the hand percussion.