i've noticed that over the past like, year, ive hardly improved at all with my playing. my speeds maybe a slight bit faster. i know a bit more theory but overall i have barely improved. a real aim for me is to start to be able to solo fast but i cant seem to do it. i just cant see myself overcoming this wall and even doing metronome practice seems to do **** all. its really made me dislike playing guitar as all i seem to do is go over the same things, try the same solos/songs and just fail. anyone else had this or know what to do?
Know how you feel, but I have played less than a year.
What I do to keep the spirit is learning new songs and try to tab them out myself... and don't push meself too hard with speedpicking and hard solos, since when I listen to myself, it sound sloppy as hell.
Instead, I try to prectice 'till I get it right, and let the stuff that's way too hard be until later.
Don't consider this as a wall, it's more like a looooong road(:
Sometimes it's just a matter of just working harder, like say, when you feel you've mastered all the stuff you've ever played... until you start forcing yourself to play the ENTIRE songs without skipping or messing up the hard parts. However, if you find that you truly own the f*ck out of the songs you play it's pbbly time to try something more challenging (the higher you raise the bar, the more likely you are to get over this current state of yours -> keep in mind, just because you can't learn a song instantly doesn't mean you should immediately drop it: there's nothing as gratifying as mastering a song after several months or even years)

The best remedy tho, is to expand your horizons

Try some fusion or jazz, and if you're used to learning everything through means of music theory perhaps you should try figuring it all out by yourself this time (like, what scales or chord progressions do these guys use, how can I achieve their tone and technique, etc.) or the other way around

Eventually you'll grow tired of that too, but the "old" stuff will feel fresh and exciting. Trust me, I never run into "walls" nowadays 'cos I have enough balls in the air, and occasionally I add another one just to keep me going...

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to be quite honest the one thing thats massively bothering me is my speed soloing/picking things. i feel once i can solo/play fast ill feel better doing other things cause i know my technique in this reigion wont be holding me back
take five minutes out every week to video your playing. Every month or so look back at your progress, but ONLY watch the video at the end of the month.