First of all, nice taste in shirts, Protest The Hero ftw.

First of all, I think the guitar playing suits the song and genre well, but without trying to be harsh, I feel your vocals would work better, with a little more power and grit, especially in this style of acoustic punk. Just push your vocals a little more, and I think it'll sound a lot better, but singing is a personal thing, so its just my opinion.

Good job overall, if you wanted to return the crit, I have plenty of covers in my profile, the most recent of which is this one, by City and Colour.....http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Stud_Muffin/music/play1016220
Thanks man will do!

Personally I hate my voice, which is why I don't like to push it out. I'll remember that for next time though. And yes protest the hero.. next month I'm seeing them with Metallica i'm so pumped.
Its the same for me, I don't like my voice at all, but pushing it a bit, for those rougher round the edges songs makes them sound a lot more genuine and powerful.