after having real tube amp... and i have to admit that its just NOT for home used, unable to get decent tone out of it, not to b stubborn anymore and currently looking for /best suitable amp for home used and not to worry and constant hacvingmaster volume below 1 tweaked...

any idea? had flextone before and its muddy (not sure whether due to its dpeaker as bought used), looking into half stack if possbile as assume it would b bette rsouding with those 4x12 speaker.. instead of 1x12 speaker. also cube are all combo form therfore not really into it (having micro cube now wit battery operating)

i knw its a NONO over here but my place having great cheap deal with marshall MG4 stack etc...

thx in advance guys, cheers...
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Hi, thx for the heads up... as tot head wit cab would sound better n less muddy. Upon chking, found that line6 vetta r gd as SS amp, as currentlythey hv sales as new model out, wondering is it ok for hm use, volume wise, in case ovrkillll..... thx...
Vetta's are definitely good, but a bit pricey.

Max Budget?
Genre of Music you play?
Location ( Nearest City )?

Give us these and GG&A can help you out a lot more.

Also just because its a head and cab doesn't mean it would sound better and less muddy. You can buy a head and a 2x12 cab, or just buy the same amp in a 2x12 combo, and if you stick the same speakers in it it would pretty much sound the same. And besides, having a head and cab just for home use isn't exactly practical. I mean it looks cool, but that's just about it.

Also as Say Ocean mentioned, combo's usually go around cheaper.

Why not try some low wattage tube amps? Anything under 15 watts usually are meant for home use anyways.
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Haha not trying to be a dick, but by taking short cuts to make typing easier you're shifting the burden to the reader to understand what you're trying to say.

Anywho, SS distortion is oftentimes going to be muddier, that's just the way it is, especially on a low budget. What type of stuff are you trying to play?