Hmm, I don't see anything particularly great about the guitar tone, but I agree, what a fantastic voice! So mature and deep, with plenty of soul, reminds of Johnny Cash.

If you want that tone, just plug any guitar, with an undersaddle pickup into a PA system, and tweak the EQ a little bit, to favour mids. It doesnt have much to do with his guitar, but for the record, it looks to me like an Epiphone Masterbilt, but I honestly cannot be sure.


Just shows how much he has improved, singing on American Idol, and playing a Taylor, haha.
I admit, it doesn't sound very special to me.... You're hearing this through the mic on whatever was used to record the video so it's not very accurate to begin with.
He's playing first-position chords with a capo at the third fret or so...
Simple strumming....