hey guys, check this clip out,

in the first lot of chords, does it sound like my humbucker is running only in singlecoil mode?

there were three wires, the white, ( goes to selector switch) the red and silver, straight to pot.
i dont think im doing anything wrong, its an ibanez infinity 4 in a strat
To me it sounds like it's all single coils, yeah. Starts to sound like a humbucker after 30 seconds or so.
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the positions through the clip are: Bridge, Bridge and Neck. bridge and middle,Bridge middle and neck. Middle . Neck middle bridge, middle and neck. Neck and bridge ,Neck
phew, 9, had to edit it as i forgot some
so some wiring may be off somewhere. hmm. ill have a mooch
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Doesn't sound like singles to me except in the combined positions where it's meant to.

Middle single coils and bridge single coils have a fairly similar tone character, compare the middle single coil and the bridge humbucker directly. The bridge pickup should have more output and have more mids and less treble if it's humbucking properly.

INF4 pickups should have the following wiring:
Black = ground
Red = hot output (switch or volume pot depending on if you use a master volume or a volume for each pickup)
White = for splitting, if you're not using a split then tape this off and keep it away from other metal parts.

If you're using a 5-way switch and want the bridge humbucker to split to a single ocil when you use the combined position then use this diagram but place the white wire where the red+white are

The red wire goes where 'bridge black' is and the green+bare on that diagram is the same as your black wire.