Hello all... I've got a cream coloured Strat that I want to do some custom artwork on... my question is regarding what markers can be used to do this.

I want a purple or blue colour to stencil on some words and I want something that will be permanent and not smudge with a little sweat. Will regular sharpies do the job or is there a better way? Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks for replies!
uhh.. sanding down the clear coat, use paint or a sharpie then reapply a clear coat...dunno what would work without doing all that.
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yeah whatever you use you will want to clear coat over it to protect it.
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yeah... its like painting anything else...

you could probably get away with a sharpie without sanding (like an autograph)... but if you dont seal it, it will smudge no matter what you use...
acrylic paint pen $2-$5, krylon gloss/satin clear $3-$5, Trip to wal mart priceless
I'd also recommend getting a can of spray sealer from an art supply store, as spraying straight clear over some markers will just spread the lines really badly (personal exp.)
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Use a proper paint marker. Most sharpie-like markers will blur a little once you shoot the clear on top. You can shoot a very very light first coat to lessen that effect, but a paint marker will work better. The Sharpie brand actually has some quality ones, I've heard.