So, here's the deal. I own a Fender M80 Half Stack. I know they are not very high quality amps, but it's what I could afford. Anyway, I have been having a problem with my sound degrading and cutting out. It only happens at high volume, and generally starts when I'm using my clean channel. I run my guitars through a Line6 POD XT Live floorboard directly into the input jock on the amp. I've swapped cables all around, have used a different cab with the head, have used a different head with the cab, and the problem only happens when the cab and head are together. I've cleaned the pots, I've made sure the effects unit isn't overdriving the amp, and I've tweaked everything I could. Here's the kicker. If it starts to go out, I can hit the top of the head, and it will work for another 5 minutes. I then thought 'Hey, it must be a loose connection somewhere.' So I took the chassis out and had a look. Now, the way its set up inside the box, when I take the chassis out, I have to set it upside down, because the cords to the reverb tank aren't long enough. I did this the other day before a show, and tested it thoroughly. None of the wires seemed loose at all. When it started to cut out again, I just happened to try to move it by the corner where the power switch is. When I was holding it up by that corner, it worked beautifully. I then tried just flexing the sheet metal chassis enclosure, and when I squeezed the back and front together slightly, again, it worked. I just don't know what could be causing this, and I really don't want to have to play another show with the chassis exposed, a) because it's not safe, and b) because it looks really stupid. Can anyone help me out?
I googled "Fender M80 Half Stack" and the first few results are all "I have a problem".
My buddy had a Fender Frontman when he started and the same thing happens. The sound just got worse and worse to the point where you couldn't get cleans. Only way he solved it was to buy a new amp...now im seeing your amp on Craigslist for $400. That same guy got a HotRod Deville for $400 used. Ditch it and get a new amp(Preferably tube if you want sparking cleans go with a Fender tube amp). You could sell your head, get a HotRod Deluxe and plug it into your cabinet for more head room. Sorry I cant be more help, but generally solid states aren't worth repairing.
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