Ok guys, I have a single rectifier, playing through a mesa stiletto 4x12 or Orange PPC 4x12. I was origianlly looking to get a triple rectifier, but after looking around, i see a lot of people say that the dual rec is the better amp. other than volume..why is the dual better (or why should i just get the triple rec?) is it going to give me a heavier sound? tighter low end? brighter highs? I can't play one around where i live because we don't have a dealer
Don't know why they'd say the Dual is better. Aside from slightly less headroom, which will allow you to crank it slightly higher for a bit more power tube saturation... the Triple has always sounded bigger and more aggressive to me than the Dual

Tight is not a word I'd use to describe any modern Recto though.
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