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Boss TU-3
15 29%
15 29%
Korg Pitchblack
17 33%
Other(please post remember max price $100)
5 10%
Voters: 52.
Im looking to get a tuner pedal.
Max price $100

Here are the ones I'm looking at
Boss TU-3
Korg Pitchblack

I play guitar.
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I Used to have a little tiny tuner that i just got fed up with, so i got a tu-3 as soon as they came out. BEST TUNER EVER
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The polytune is incredibly handy if you're playing live. You can check if you're out of tune between songs or in breaks with one strum, instead of doing it one string at a time. It makes it a lot easier to stay in tune throughout the set.
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I like the Korg because it takes up very little pedalboard space.
Works fine for me.
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Another for the poly......
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Polytune is awesome. As has been said, fast check with a strum if your strings are in tune, then pluck each string to fix ones that're off. The strobe tuner on it is really nice for setting intonation as well.
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Voted "other". I have two tuners, a Korg GA-30 and a Planet Waves Tru Strobe Pedal Tuner. The Korg works and works very well for $10.00. The Strobe has a slight learning curve for some, but it's accuracy is great and I love the way it does the intonation. It cost me $90.00 at GC. I compared and checked out the Pitchblack, Pitchblack+, TU-3, TU-15, and the Snark. I went with the Tru Strobe for the accuracy mostly.
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Just a note there not in stock till the end of july
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IS there any way you can save up another $40?
If so, you can get the turbo tuner.
It's the most accurate and fastest tuner.
It's one of the best on the market.

rather not spend more than $100 on a tuner. I still think its dumb to spend more than $15, but it is what it is.
I play guitar.
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rather not spend more than $100 on a tuner. I still think its dumb to spend more than $15, but it is what it is.

???, whats more important, to easily stay in tune or to have a nice OD where you sound like shit cause your not in tune. Dont skimp on tuners. I still have the TU-2 and it has been a great tuner, and still is
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i like the headstock cpamp on piezo based tuner. no matter how loud the room is, you don't have to worry about adding another crappy buffer (assuming thinking boss) to your signal chain, no posibility for added noise, battery running out, etc.

my headstock tuner even has strobe mode, which gets me near perfect tuning.

they may not look the best, but i am about functionality, so that is why i marked "other"
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Quote by TheWho2
rather not spend more than $100 on a tuner. I still think its dumb to spend more than $15, but it is what it is.

A tuner is the most important part of any guitarist's rig, be it acoustic or electric.
When what you do depends on being in tune, why cheap out?
The tuner's the most important part of your rig, and you should care how accurate it's getting you.
Let's say this.
Your friend is using a cheapy $5 tuner that gets him +/- 3 cent accuracy.
You're using one that gets you +/- 3 cent as well.
You could be off as much as 6 cent, which is an audible difference.
I don't see the point of cheaping out on the most important part of any rig, but, maybe it's just me
Grab a polytune and be done with it.
I have a TU-2 and would get a TU-3 if I didn't.

When I started I bought cheap tuners and not one lasted more than three months.

Not one of the four tuners I currently own cost less than $50AU and I wouldn't expect to pay less, as mentioned above, being in tune is of paramount importance.

And you'd look silly tuning a Les Paul > Mesa rig with pitch pipes on stage.
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And you'd look silly tuning a Les Paul > Mesa rig with pitch pipes on stage.

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Bought my Polytune brand new on ebay for 75$ shipped (One vendor that sells them at this price)
Best investment I've made in the last year.
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Im just saying why are they so expensive, my little korg tuner was ~$15 and it works great.

I'll probably get the polytune, since I how u can strum all the strings at the same time to tune.

I was planning to buy off ebay anyway since its cheaper.
I play guitar.
Polytune for sure! VERY easy to read in bright and dark rooms (self dimming)
More accurate than the guitar is.
Tough, rugged design.
better pass through power than the Korg.
Tune all 6 at once.
The other pedals really have no advantage over the poly save maybe the Korgs SLIGHTLY smaller footprint and price.
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Other i really like the planet waves tru strobe... But out of those get the polytune
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Tu-3 is true bypass and you can power all the other pedals in the chain with it
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if you embrace inaccurate intonation it can be quite arousing.

just for a note,

the boss tu-3 is not true bypass, is only accurate within +/-3 cent

polytune is true bypass, polyphonic, accurate to +/-1 cent

korg pitchblack is true bypass, strobe or chromatic, accurate to +/-.01 cent

polytune or pitchblack wins