Hello, UG Community. I have always been a huge fan of telecasters and their variants (especially the telecaster plus!) and I got my first one a few months back, a MIM FSR Telecaster. I enjoy playing on it and it has a good tone, however, I am not a fan of the plastic-like finish. I'm sure it's a polyster finish. I plan on taking off that finish and re-finishing it with something like satin, or whatever gets that "faded" look and feel you would get such as the Gibson SG Faded. I have no experience in finishing guitars whatsoever, so I need a lot of help. Sure, I can probably get it done by a professional, but I'm tight on cash and I'm more of a DIY guy. All help will be highly appreciated!
To get a satin finish just rub it down with some 0000 grade steel wool. Start in an inconspicuous area just to get a feel for it first and see if it gives the effect you want.
Well a satin poly finish still won't feel as lively as a thiner finish (could be thin poly!). I think the main thing in nitro finishes isn't so much the nitro as it is how thin the finishes are. First off I wouldn't vote that you sand down a brand new finish at all, especially not FSR models. Maybe get another body and refinish that one? I know my first refinish and many after that look like SHIT compared to a new factory finish.
Okay. How can I check the thinness/thickness of a finish?

Also, I've been hearing about how guitarists use Tung/Tru Oil for a finish and that it provides the "best" tone. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for the responses so far.