It's called Raise Your Fist, it's in my profile. C4C on the recording of course.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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This reminds me a bit of Beastie Boys. You've got a nice grove here, the falsetto in the chorus fits perfectly, though it could be a little louder. I would like to here a longer version of it. I think you could also add some synth in the background to fill out the sound. You have a good start here, keep working on it.

were you planning on making this into a full song? if so, i think its definitely worth it. i was feeling the groove right away and the change into the chorus is perfect. the vocals should be a bit louder, especially in the chorus. im also a big fan of the falsetto of the chorus. kind of reminds me of old school rhcp. for most of it i couldnt really understand a word of it which was probably because it was kind of low but if youre going for that maybe try to enunciate better. all in all glad i checked this out, a solid start for sure


THIS IS FUN WE ARE IMMEDIATELY GROOVING! The intro MAYBE could be acapella the first two lines, then INTO THE GROOVE YOU HAVE HERE! WOW we are just GOING IN ON THIS BITCH , rhythmically you are nice and TIGHT , a little beastie, a little RCHP, a little bit of you! I think there is an audience for this sort of fun! IT IS SHORT YOU NEED TO MAKE IT LONGER BECAUSE I WASNT READY TO LEAVE.

I have some too!!

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just was listening to this again and changed my mind (dont worry its still good). the chorus kinda reminds me of old school rhcp but the beginning of it really reminds me of rage against the machine, especially the vocals. anyway not even sure if that was noteworthy but whats done is done. there you have it
That was very refreshing! I liked it, very groovy. The vocals and the lead guitar parts could have been a little bit louder, but other than that it was good.