I hereby present you my new 20min Song, and hope that someone will take the time to listen to it.

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I like it. I thought the ambient parts were excellent. Great riffs there. Great production in those parts. I think the vocals are great. Remind me of the guy from 3 or Coheed.

Wasnt so into the production of the heavy parts. Clean guitar was a bit flat. Some of the overdriven sounds were a bit off. The drum parts are occassionally missing cymbal hits and other flourishes to match the great riffs and vocals.

Maybe try to vary the drum parts since you are repeating the main part several times. Also i would choose a tighter snare to make it sound less 80s (unless the king diamond thing was what you wanted). Some harmonies and double tracked vocals maybe to show some sort of direction in the song.
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Kingdom. Not "Kingdome." Well... unless this song is secretly about the old multi-purpose stadium located in Seattle.
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I quite liked the Kingdome spelling actually. I mean, who's to say a King can't live in a dome? I know I would. Anyway...just begun listening to this, will let you know what I think in a few minutes! (I'll edit this post rather than making a new one, which I believe is frowned upon...)

EDIT: I like it - with decent production it will sound absolutely epic! I don't think it's QUITE got enough to sustain nearly 20 minutes, but that's just a first impression. Your voice sounds uncannily like Dave Mustaine; if that's your natural style then fine, but if not, try other styles as well - I like the idea of a more Mike Patton-esque voice over some of this maybe? Also the chugging at the very start of the heavy section is quite erratic with the timing. Generally though, a good track.
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Sorry for taking so long to crit, I've been working

I really like the vocals man, I think they fit the music perfectly. The whole thing is pretty epic, and all the parts fit each other. I'm not a big fan of 20 minute songs, but I guess those are the specifics of the genre you're going for. I think a proghead would have much more to say I'm a little dense for progressive stuff

Overally I'd say this is a very good piece, keep up the good work man!
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