So I'm borrowing a bass and this is the first track I've used it on. I would say it makes a big difference haha.

Give it a look if you like it's on my profile. C4C of course, just leave a link.

Hey, nicely done with that bass! The track really does have a lot of bottom end, but I think musically it's very good. Plenty of variety between riffs and lead parts. I've checked out a couple of your other tracks too and I think you have a good ear for composing. I think your tracks will definitely improve as you get better at recording and mixing.

I think I hear EZdrummer in there, which is fine. Coupled with that bass guitar you borrowed I think the guitars should come up. Are you double tracking your rhythm parts? If so I think some wider panning (75 or 80 L/R) would really bring them through. For the lead a bit more reverb might help also.

Good stuff though.. I really like the energy on In search of heart. Hope to hear more from you in future!

C4C if you would like-
You're such a jerk. I want to play like you.

Yeah, nice lay down of the bass. No bullsh**... there isn't anybody else out there that plays music like you. That's gotta be worth something.

Nice job.
(C4C) Here's the thread for my loopy loop, "We Began." It's kooky... CLICK

Ok, the drums could be a bit more produced I PERSONALLY FEEL, the mix is not STANDARD, but maybe that is what you DESIRE!! the rhythm could be panned! The lead would really like you if you let it SHINE FOR THE BEAUTY IT IS!!

Are you putting vocals on this? Not that you need to I just hear VOCALS on this TYPE of music a lot, your bass lines are FUN and do some NON STANDARD THINGS that I like!!!

Share da luv bruv!

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I love you all no matter what.