Hi, I'm currently looking for a new amp as atm I have an Orange AD30 head and a Marshall 1936v 212 cab, but I'm affraid it's just too big.
I do gig often, but I'd rather have a combo to carry around than a heavy head and a huge ass cab! Also I am looking for something relatively cheap! (under £600 definitely.)

I've been looking at the Jet City 20watt combo, but I'm not sure that would be loud enough for gigging? Can't find anywhere near me (UK) that stocks the 50watt combo's though!

Also been looking at the Laney Cub12 head and cab, which wouldn't be bad as they are both quite small - but again; would these be loud enough for a fairly big gig? Or outdoor event?

I mainly play my Fender Telecater Deluxe and play genres such as pop punk, punk rock. Bands that influence me are You Me At Six and All Time Low, but also bands such as Greenday and Foo Fighters.

check out a laney vc30, swap in a celestion v30 speaker..
telecaster plugged in - great sound
Consider downgrading to a 112 cab?

Speaking from experiance here, id rather be carrying my 15kg orange head, and 15kg orange cab in each hand than a 25kg combo...

The cub should be loud enough though yeah.

The VC30 is nice, id put in a G12H30 or a Wizard rather than the V30 to tame some of that ice pick though.

Try get a Vox AC30 used as well. Easily doable in that budget.

Edit: Almost forgot the Laney Lionheart! Deffinately up your alley.
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Peavey Classic 30s are great little amps for their price. They take pedals amazingly well, and they're LOUD.

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blackstars are really versatile and have great tones. the jet cities are really nice tho. great tone and very versatile. vht makes for a great amp as well. i have the special 6 ultra combo and its got great tone. its a bare bones amp but sounds great and accepts pedals very well. its inexpensive and accepts pedals well that will help shape your tone. u could either get the combo or the head and just hook up cabinets that will suit the volume u need
What becky said...
Grab a 1x12 orange cab or something.
You COULD go for an ad30 combo but honestly a 1x12 and head would be easier to transport..

Also valve combos arent exactly light either.. Infact they're usually a good bit heavier then heads...


As far as jet city, look on ebay there is some box damaged ones on ebay right now for cheap as hell including the 50 watter... but as i said its not going to light..

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Head + Cab is nearly always better than a combo for moving around. Especially if its a 2x12 or something. Combos are effing heavy! And there's no way a Blackstar is "too metal", they're incredibly versatile. And very reasonably priced.
Are you mic'ed during your gigs? If so just get a 2x12 or 1x12. If not then just stick with what you have and deal with the dues of a gigging musician.
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