Hey fowks looking for some help, currently trying to decide on a new amp ( for in the house). What im looking for is a high gain valve amp which would be good for metal such as maybe ozzy metallica megadeth tones some a bit heaver also.

The one thats really sticking out is the blackstar ht-5

although if theres any you know of please let me know incase iv overlooked them.

thanks fowks!
I haven't tried it myself, but evidently the VHT Special 6 Ultra is good and quite high-gain. For the most part though, you won't find much low-wattage tube amps with high gain due to the amount of power that's needed to get that heavy distortion.
You might wanna just get a Pod HD/ Eleven Rack/ Axe FX as they have good high gain settings

Otherwise I'd suggest something like a Mark 3 or 4 combo, I think you can switch the down to 5 watts or something low like that? Whats your budget though?